Learn The Essentials Skills You Need To Succeed
In 21st Century

Create a innovation culture in your workplace.


Foundational Masterclasses

Advanced Masterclasses

  • » Advanced Project Risk Management.
  • » Project Management Simulation.
  • » Implementing a Project Management Office (PMO).


Foundational Masterclasses

  • » Develop Personal Effectiveness.
  • » Be The Leader of Your Own Life!
  • » Assertive Communication.
  • » Organising Work and Time Management.


Let's Talk More About... is a cycle of monthly talks that provide a productive interaction environment, essential to develop, inspire and maximize your potential. Project Management, Soft Skills and Management.

Get expert training on these skills, participating in our masterclasses, seminars, workshops and online learning courses, you'll learn:

  • How to implement a consistent process in your company utilizing the best practices of Project Management. Project management is a powerful tool for businesses of any size.
  • How to get the PMP® Certification and be recognized as a professional in the field of project management.
  • How to develop and refine your personal characteristics to be an effective and a successful professional.
  • What are the techniques that will help you motivate, lead, inspire and build confidence in those you communicate with.
  • How to turn your cycle of failure in a cycle of self-confidence, dramatically increasing your productivity by learning to manage your time and organizing your activities.

Foundational & Advanced Masterclasses, and Workshops

Transforming the workplace through learning.

Professional trainings that help you develop the skills you need to grow your career and improve your life. Get your certification. Develop your skills. Discover emerging modalities in your field.


We recommend you start with one of the foundational masterclasses. They give you the bases you needed to know for create your knowledge baseline.


These masterclasses are for more advanced learners, and require previous knowledge of foundational masterclasses topics.

Online Learning

Your training wherever you are. Cultivate your extraordinary potential through online courses.

Some Masterclasses can be taught through online interactive training sessions held by an instructor with a question and answers sections. Tell us when you might like to take a course: training@emete.com

We Bring Our Training Courses And Workshops To You

Our courses are also available as in-company events. Flexible in-house training is a very convenient way to update skills. Having the course delivered in-house puts you in control of what gets covered and how.

For more information contact us at training@emete.com

Emeteclass | Technology Consulting Firm

Integrating People and Processes, we are Transforming the Workplace, Through Learning, Technology and Good Habits.

Technology Consulting Firm - Emeteclass
Our mission is to integrate people and processes, transforming the workplace through learning, tecnology and good habits.
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